How To Pitch Your Offer In 6 Steps

Key insights on how to pitch your offer from a founder making over €700.000 per month explaining other companies’ offers.


Once you have an amazing offer the next step is to make your audience understand that. Only if they believe your offer is amazing they would buy from you.

All the pitch steps and principles apply to any medium of communication:
– landing page
– explainer video
– social media posts
– LinkedIn outreach messages
– e-mail marketing campaigns
– cold calls
– sales calls
…and more!


The 6 Steps

The first few seconds of your pitch are the most important because this when people make the decision if they keep watching. For example you can:
– Promise value ex. “here are 3 smart ways how to…”
– Ask a question ex. “did you know…”
– Pattern interrupt
– Address the target audience (let’s you filter out the right audience)

Don’t talk about yourself. Nobody likes people at parties who only talk about themselves. People like people who ask questions about another one. “We are on the market for 20 years”, “We are the best service provider” is not as important to the lead as what problems you solve for them. Be precise. Don’t use words like “are you unsuccessful” because this is not specific enough. Instead say something like: “You come to your office, you open your e-mail software and again – now new leads appearing in there”.

Listen during cold, booker, setter, closer calls what they say. Use this exact wording.

Explain precisely what you are going to do for them. This will make your offer seem more believable. Be clear about the process, deliverables or both. For example: “We will increase your revenue to €X/MRR. We would first build your website. Then we would set up Facebook Ads. Then we would test the ad copy…”. Another example: “We will interview your team members, give them the forms, analyze results…”.

Most sales people need to handle objections on sales calls. Instead listen to all the objections in your sales call recordings and pre-handle them already in your pitch. This can increase your closer call conversion rates to as much as 80%. Objections at different at different stages of awareness.

Mention things that help you gain trust, mainly social proof. For example:
– Positive reviews
– Years in the business
– Number of happy clients
– Awards
– Academic titles of people involved in the project ex. “Dr.”, “Psychologist” etc.
– Heroes journey (you have achieved this result using the same methods you are offering aka you ate your own dog food)

What they should do, why they should do it and how they should do it.
WHAT – if you want to work with us sign up for a free strategy call
WHY – because during this call we already create a free strategy for your business (be more precise within your industry)
HOW – by filling in the questionnaire

Actions Steps πŸ”’

– Listen to your target audience by reviewing sales calls recordings
– Erase from your pitch all the phrases and words that mean nothing like “customer centric” or “future oriented. Nice sounding words that have no substance. You can do it also by keeping the phrase and adding “that means” after that phrase.

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