Our Story

The story of the Tribe started 7 years ago, when the current CEO, Matt Laker pitched the concept of reinventing the education system to the management of one of the largest European petroleum corporations.

(on the picture above – Matt Laker pitching the idea at the age of 18 in 2012)

Matt and his team won the financing but as a result of young age and lack of business experience at the time, the project failed.

“When I started drafting this concept 7 years ago, my goal was to challenge and redefine education system through this global mind sharing environment.” – Matt Laker, the CEO of Tribal Mastermind

To afford his studies and gain more experience, Matt started a clothing brand, built an app, worked as a recruiter and was freelancing in various fields – mostly in economy analysis and as a landing page developer. Landing page development turned out to be a successful business, that he grew to the revenue of $8,000 per month.

As Matts landing page agency grew, he had enough capital to support another education company to realize their vision to improve the education system. After some time it turned out that the project was not in line with Matts vision to “get the best out of every single individual”.

Matt gathered the brightest minds he had access to, to support him with the creation of the Tribal Mastermind. Matt contacted high level executives from companies like Google, Nike, Pepsi, J.P. Morgan, Chase Bank as well as politicians and lawyers working for European Commission and the European Parliment.

The first business model that was taught in Tribal Mastermind was a Digital Marketing Agency business model that Matt previously mastered. As the Mastermind Grew, and more entrepreneurs joined the circle – new business models emerged inside the group.

In the second quarter of 2019 Tribal Mastermind members started crossing their monthly revenue of $100,000 and above. We reached the level of 15 different mentors and have created more than 40 online classes.

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Access Our Elite, International Circle Of Business Owners