LinkedIn Outreach Will Die Out Now

What happened?

End of March, LinkedIn announced a new update that sets the weekly invitation limit to 100 connection requests (400 per month). The B2B specialized social network is progressively updating all its servers around the world, by the time you read this news, it’s probably already the case in your country. As soon as you will send over 100 connection requests you will receive this notification:

Why is this a problem?

Some of you were using Sales Navigator and automation tools to send approx. 150 connection requests per day. If you had a team of 5 lead generators, that’s 3’250 leads that you will lose on weekly. The May 2021 case of LinkedIn is just a tip of an iceberg. Every social media platform being utilized as a lead generation funnel will naturally look for ways of monetizing it and

What to do about it?

Mass targeting leads with outreach has an industry name “shotgun” method whereas going for highly targeted, specific leads is called the “sniper” method. Your organization’ll need to shift to the sniper method as of May 2021. The limitation doesn’t apply to sending messages to people marking their profile as “open to work“. You can also purchase inMail messages. Currently the best alternative is a website forms funnel, as per our research, this is especially true if you’re targeting clients in Norway, Singapore, Philippines and USA. If you’re in Germany, as per our research, your best alternative would be Xing funnel with a Connected Cold Call.

What You Should Know?

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