How To Apply

You can apply by clicking here.

About Your Application Experience

Over the last 4 years, we’ve received thousands of applications and have had enrolled hundreds of students in our program. Then we’ve surveyed all of the applicants to investigate which elements of the experience were the most helpful to them. Matt, as a result of this research, we determined that the following crucial aspects tend to be particularly helpful to the new applicants like yourself:

1. Understanding of what Tribal Mastermind is (and isn’t)
2. Understanding of the application process
3. Understanding of the approval criteria
4. Ability to discover inspiring stories of current members

In the following sections of this page, I will be covering tips on finding more information in regards to those four topics.

Understanding what Tribal Mastermind is (and isn’t)

To help you understand what is Tribal Mastermind we’ve prepared a Members Handbook. It’s available for you to view it at any time throughout your application process and after your successful enrollment.

Understanding of the application process

Just to remind you, the application process is simple. There are 4 steps and you’ve already successfully completed the first 2 steps: Apply & Schedule. Congratulations! The next upcoming steps are the Intro Call with me (approx. 15 mins) & then if you get pre-approved, the Final Call with one of our Business Mentors (approx. 1,5h).

Understanding of the approval criteria

We approve approximately 25% (a quarter) of our applicants and this number decreases as we receive more applications. This is to sustain the high quality of the mastermind group. We track our members’ progress to maintain the golden ratio of beginners to advanced members not exceeding 0.6183, respectively.

Meet some of our members & get inspired by their stories

Jordon from 🇦🇺Australia

Bryceton from 🇺🇸United States

Tips to increase your chances of being approved

1. Attend both application calls on time (and don’t take them on the go)
2. Make sure that you fulfill the minimum criteria to get accepted:
– You need to be located in one of the supported regions. You can check Service Availability here
– You need to have a full-time availability of at least 30 hours per week combined to both follow the program and to work on your business

Most Importantly – Sit Back & Relax!

We’ve got you covered during the entire application experience so don’t worry before our call. You don’t need to prepare yourself. Just be on time and be yourself & I will take care of the rest!

Best Of Luck With Your Admissions,

Bianca Hansen, Growth Manger

P.S: Access Our Elite, International Circle Of Business Owners:


Access Our Elite, International Circle Of Business Owners