The origins of masterminding are older than the history of humans…

German forester Peter Wohlleben (‘The Hidden Life of Trees’) and scientist Suzanne Simard (The University of British Columbia, Canada) brought this topic to a wider audience. They present a lot of scientific data on how trees exchange information and learn collectively. When a tree discovers that the more sour the taste of its leaves, the fewer insects have an appetite for it, it passes this information to other trees throughout the roots-Funghi network, referred to as:

Worldwide Wood Network

We can now scientifically confirm that trees are masterminding with each other by sharing all the best knowledge that they discover

The first mastermind in the history of humankind, that I am aware of, was a religious one. The mastermind of Jesus and the 12 apostles.

Why is the concept of masterminding so powerful, to become the founding element of religious movements or even of the entire evolution? I think that’s because it gives each individual “particle” access to the intelligence of the whole and hence increases ones chances of survival. I find this truly astonishing because it redefines the concept of survival of the fittest. The species that survived the longest were those who learned how to collaborate, not how to kill each other off (think of ants, trees or humans). The alpha male caveman wasn’t, in fact, the fittest one, but the most socially intelligent one – the one who was able to trade with others and maintain the social order to lead it’s species to the most efficient exchange of valuable information.

If you are good at connecting with people and leading them towards the “enlightenment”, you should consider taking your first conscious step to start a mastermind. Humanity needs more quality conscious information that is truthful and delivered fast. As a byproduct, you will probably make a lot of money – but don’t be blinded by this because then it surely won’t work.

Running a truly effective mastermind means 3 things:

1. INSPIRE TO GROW: Being able to teach people so well that they experience real-life results. That’s something that schools and universities fail at doing, so you have to compete with them. You need to not only motivate people externally but also internally – be their inspiration. W.A. Ward said: “The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires.”

2. ATTRACT TO BE HEARD: Being able to create a community around your influencer brand. This means that you need to be more interesting, more watchable and more impactful than most of the YouTubers. Making better content than them doesn’t mean competing with them as usually most of their content contains no value. It means however that you will face the biggest opponent in your life – yourself. Making content means putting yourself out there every day no matter how you feel. It’s not just hard. It’s so challenging that not many people can do it. That’s why you need to learn about the inner game of entrepreneurship and dealing with yourself.

3. LET IT OUTGROW YOU: It’s going through a transformation like the experience of becoming a part of something much larger than yourself – this is a part of the infinite flow of knowledge that a mastermind creates. Masterminding is like a religious or meditative experience. Understanding this concept is hard but necessary to create something truly god-like. You can’t cling to control it when it becomes larger and smarter than yourself. In this lies the essence of a mastermind.

In the last few weeks, the mastermind that I’ve founded started outgrowing myself with its knowledge and size. Who knows, maybe it has started just like the little fisherman’s club and will grow to the size of a major religious or national movement. So I’ve realized one thing – I cannot be the only person in the possession of the knowledge on how to start it. It’s like being Jesus and letting Christianity take over the entire world, without letting Buddha teach people about meditation. Hence, I decided – for the first time, I will pick a few people to pass this knowledge further to them. I need real competition in this market, people who create truly powerful masterminds for the best of the whole.

Learning how to start a mastermind means not only connecting yourself to the highest flow of knowledge but it also results in the wealth creation where the money flows to you. Average monthly “passive” revenue of masterminds that I’ve created is around $50,000 and it reaches $120,000 in the best months. You don’t need that much money and nor do I. The question is – what will you do with it? What if you could use this money to create something that will change people’s lives? What if you could make a real impact with it? That’s the only kind of people I would choose to pass my knowledge to. I am not interested in creating wealthy idiots who waste money on non-world-changing projects.

So how can you get involved? How can you get access to all this knowledge?

It’s impossible to learn it solely online. It’s only possible to learn it by spending one full week and working directly with me in our villa on top of the hill.

Starting a mastermind will be one of the biggest challenges you will ever undertake in your life. You will want to give up, you will want to give in. This is why you need to be next to me. This is why you need to be treated like an athlete competing in the Olympics. It’s not for yourself – it’s for your people. Can you handle it? Give up right now or go for it – because once we work together, I won’t ever let you quit.

Mastermind Bootcamp is going to be the most exclusive event I’ve ever organized, hosted for 4 chosen applicants only. It will take place on 15 February 2020 and will last for 7 days. 4 chosen people will stay with me in a Villa and experience a slightly “different lifestyle”.

You will be waking up every day to the view of the Pacific Ocean, and stretching your limbs before jumping into our private swimming pool. We will be going for a daily run with our gym coach and you will eat breakfast hand-made every day by my top nutritionist. You will challenge your concept in a small elite circle, conversing in our sauna or the private club that you will own with me for a week. Why? To clear your mind every day after those intense working sessions that we will host for you in our private villa.

Your days will be filled with activities, like motor-crossing, and jet skiing. Why? Because no human can handle this amount of mental exercise and knowledge without something to keep your mind away from it – and no, alcohol is not an option. We need you at your 100% – in your beast-mode.

The schedule will be tight and a lot of people will be working on your success. You will build your mastermind over those 7 days and you will get your first paying customers then. You will grow your social media following and transform your current business life.

You will come back as a new person – full of energy and as an owner of a new business – your world-class mastermind. After the Bootcamp, we will continue working together for the next 12 months over the weekly call.

Your trip will include:

  • Accommodation in a 5* villa with Matt and 3 other Bootcamp participants during the Bootcamp: 15 – 22 February 2020
  • Private Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi & Sauna
  • Private Nutritionist Chef And a Full Healthy & Tasty Meal Package for the week
  • Private Gym Coach
  • 7 Days Of Live Classes On Starting Your Own Mastermind Hosted Live By Matt Laker In A Fully-Immersive Experience
  • 1-on-1 Daily Accountability With Matt Laker & 24/7 Access To Matt & His Attentive Team
  • Private Airport Shuttle From Cam Ranh International Airport
  • Access To Exclusive Mastermind Architect Program For 12 Months After The Bootcamp
  • Regular Access to Tribal Mastermind

I will be interviewing applicants personally, so if you are interested, please book a call directly with me after being approved by our Growth Manager here:

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