When I started drafting this concept 7 years ago, my goal was to challenge and redefine the education system through a global knowledge-sharing environment. I’m glad that you took the first step to join the education revolution we’re pioneering.


Our Core Values


Friendship: We nurture the value of synergetic relationships. We share our knowledge with our students and expect them to take a similar approach during P2PM sessions as well as inside the community.

Curiosity: The essence of the Tribal Mastermind challenges the status quo, and support thinking freely and seeking information. Our members share this mentality.

Control: Success and failure is predictable. You are the architect of your business success and you can control your progress. We don’t allow blaming others for your failures and we encourage taking the steering wheel over your career.

Efficiency: We build our content on proven processes, and replicate efficient systems so that our members don’t waste time on things that don’t work.



Our 4 Pillars Of Learning

1. Live Classes: Calls with mentors who are experts in their various fields.

2. Self Learning: Successful business practice incorporated into a hands-on course, actionable steps that you use to replicate the results of others who created the blueprint. Unlike relying on teachings from universities, books, mentorships, online courses, YouTube videos, blogs, and other mastermind programs, the Tribal Mastermind provides actionable steps, customized for digital entrepreneurs to progress in their businesses.

3. Peer-To-Peer Grop Meetings: Access our Elite, International Circle Of Entrepreneurial Business Owners that learn through a peer-to-peer mentorship method.

4. Live Meetups: Join Live Meetups such as Tribal BootCamp (Optional)



How does Peer-To-Peer Mentorship work?

P2PM method emerged as the world’s most effective educational approach for business and results-based learning. The method includes the sharing of cutting edge insights between members internationally, to create a community of sharing and collaborative growth.


Our Secret Weapon – Failure

A few years ago, I met “Jimbo”, an online entrepreneur from Alabama. Jimbos’ real name is Jimmy Wales and he is a co-founder of Wikipedia. I’ll never forget his words.

“The path to success is a failure – as long as you learn on your mistakes”. – Jimmy Wales, a co-founder of Wikipedia

Later on, his philosophy became the foundation of our “I’M FAR” method:

 Implement – You need to implement actionable steps that you’ve learned. It’s not advisable to join the mastermind if you intend only to learn without taking action in real life.

• Measure – You need to transparently self measure your progress with the tools we provide and then submit this data into our system to keep you accountable and provide guidance on the challenges you face.

 Fail – We nurture an environment where it is OK to fail but we necessitate our members to create lessons from these failures, for better future implementation

• Ask – You need to complete course chapters on your own; join the minimum of 3 mentorship calls each week and participate by asking questions to your mentors until you’re satisfied, as well as open questions to your peers to learn from their experiences.

• Repeat – Once you find answers to your questions, you then need to implement an improved action plan.

I wish you the best of luck with your admission to Tribal Mastermind,
Matt Laker
CEO of Tribal Mastermind

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