Closer Call Process

Video Framework There are 3 main phases of the call: Framing Intel Collection Pitch & Close Each of the phases has multiple subphases. The entire framework is as follows: Sales Course In order to understand the sales process really well you should watch the course “Master of The Art of Sales” in Tribal Mastermind. Pitch […]

How To Pitch Your Offer In 6 Steps

Key insights on how to pitch your offer from a founder making over €700.000 per month explaining other companies’ offers. Introduction Once you have an amazing offer the next step is to make your audience understand that. Only if they believe your offer is amazing they would buy from you. All the pitch steps and […]

LinkedIn Outreach Will Die Out Now

What happened? End of March, LinkedIn announced a new update that sets the weekly invitation limit to 100 connection requests (400 per month). The B2B specialized social network is progressively updating all its servers around the world, by the time you read this news, it’s probably already the case in your country. As soon as […]