Closer Call Process

Video Framework There are 3 main phases of the call: Framing Intel Collection Pitch & Close Each of the phases has multiple subphases. The entire framework is as follows: Sales

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How To Pitch Your Offer In 6 Steps

Key insights on how to pitch your offer from a founder making over €700.000 per month explaining other companies’ offers. Introduction Once you have an amazing offer the next step

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LinkedIn Account Restricted – May 2021

Today LinkedIn rolled out mass account restrictions affecting a lot of businesses using outreach methods. As per our initial market research at 7 AM (London time), this 21st May 2021 we can say that the accounts got restricted in the UK, Austria, Vietnam and Malaysia.

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LinkedIn Outreach Will Die Out Now

What happened? End of March, LinkedIn announced a new update that sets the weekly invitation limit to 100 connection requests (400 per month). The B2B specialized social network is progressively

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One Last Step: Where Do You Want It?