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Joe, Google

“The value of the test is unmatched. I highly recommend trying if you want to become a top entrepreneur.”

Joe is a former Key Account Manager at Google’s headquarter. He was responsible for revenue generation with Google’s largest advertisers and was in charge of strategizing and implementing advanced Google Ads strategies in over 30 countries. He won the Google 360+ Sales Award in EMEA for his achievements with his client. After working for several years at Google, he decided to leave the tech company to fully focus on a powerful Google Ads agency that delivers profitable returns for advertisers. In the Tribe, Joe is growing his own agency while supporting other Tribe members with his Google Ads expertise during his bi-weekly group calls.

Chris, European Parliament

“Exactly what entrepreneurs need!”

Chris is a former Legal Advisor of the European Parliament and of the European Commission. He graduated Law in Maastricht – the city where the European Union has officially been established in 1992. He currently, manages multiple investment funds. He also develops a new university in Berlin, Germany, and manges his agriculture companiy in Colorado

Matt Laker, CEO

“When I started drafting this concept 7 years ago, my goal was to challenge and redefine education system through this global mind sharing environment. I’m glad that you took the first step to join the education revolution.”

Matt consulted more than 200 companies, internationally. He is the best-selling author, and a former recruiter of Deutche Telekom – the biggest tele-communication venture within Europe. His projects won multiple awards, such as the Project Management Institute (PMI) prize. You might had seen Matt across all international media a lot. In January 2019 he decided to exit the public scene to focus on the development of Business Artificial Intelligence and Gamification methods within the Tribal Mastermind.

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