Converting Freelancers Into Entrepreneurs

You enter as a Freelancer, You exit as a Business Owner with $10,000 in monthly revenue

Your time is limited and you can only earn more if you work more hours

In Tribal Mastermind we teach you how to break through the time barrier and convert freelancing into a business

"The best thing I can afford now is my freedom"


from Australia

"You don't know how happy I am having opportunity to live wherever I want"

Herbert Corazao

from Peru

"If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room"

Michal Sestak

from Slovakia

& more than 250 Other Freelancers Turned Into Entrepreneurs since 2015

Why Most Freelancers Never Succeed Establishing Their Own Business?

Because they work inside of other peoples systems instead of building their own system:

Problem 1

They exchange time for money. The more they work the more they earn

Problem 2

Your time is limited. You only have 24 hours in a day. Until the certain extend you can earn more by working more but this is not endless

Problem 3

Freelancers can never relax because if they stop working the money will stop coming in. Your clients might need you at all hours of the day and night.


If you want to create more wealth and work less you need to stop thinking like a freelancer and start thinking like a business owner. 

How To Structure Your New Business

Finding Prospects

You need a reliable source of leads. Recommendations and your networks are not enough!


We teach you the basics of sales so you can turn more prospects into clients and charge more for your services

project management

Back and forth communication with clients is very time-consuming. We show you how to do the project management right


Instead of delivering everything yourself, you get some help from other freelancers. This way your business can complete more projects simultaneously and make more money

The Mastermind'll only turn you into a successful Entrepreneur, if...

"... you’re going to commit to 30 hours per week for the next 6 months to build your business and..."

"... you already have a skill that is in demand (or you're willing to learn that skill) and..."

"...if you listen to the coaches who have done this already"

Why The Success Rate Of Our members Is Insanely High

With us, you don't just get access to a cookie-cutter online course, but you join Tribal Mastermind. That means:


Typical Online Course
“Book-smart” instructors who only became wealthy by coaching others how to become wealthy


Tribal Mastermind
Instructors’ main income is NOT coming from being a coach but they have their own successful business


Typical Online Course
An over-sized, anonymous, and useless group with thousands of people who don’t know each other, where you’re just a faceless participant

Tribal Mastermind
A small and supportive community of international entrepreneurs who know and help each other


Typical Online Course
They promise you can become rich overnight if you “just follow the secret method” and then you are surprised that it does not work

Tribal Mastermind
We know that to build a sustainable business there is no easy way to do that. It is hard work and there is no overnight success. Together we fix each problem in your business, one by one

This Is How You Can Apply To Join

Since we receive a lot of inquiries, we cannot accept all of them. We only work with those freelancers for which we see the greatest potential for success. How it works:

Step 1

Fill out the application - Give us some information about you

Step 2

Analysis of your potential - If your application is promising, someone from our team will carry out a potential analysis with you


If you pass the interview at the end of the call you will be offered to join the Tribe

What happens during the first interview?

During the interview, one of our instructors will look into your situation, will recommend you a proven way to find clients, show you how to turn freelancing into a business, and figure out if you are a good match for the community. If we see potential in you, we will make you an offer to join the Tribe.

This Is How Our System Works


An online video course that contains all the knowledge you need to turn freelancing into a business


There are multiple live calls with instructors every week that you can join. Click on the button to see what calls we have:


Everybody in the Tribe tries to help each other as much as possible. If you have any questions you can ask in the group: here's a quick peek on how it looks from inside.


To make sure that you are getting results, you set goals every week and we keep you accountable

Live Events

Each year we organize live events in exotic locations all around the world. It's a great opportunity to connect with fellow tribers and establish life-changing business relationships.


Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions and the Answers to them:

Who We Are?

After starting a successful business, Matt. Laker figured that he wanted to help others start a similar business. After some time he figured that by himself he can’t teach everything and decided to look for other instructors who are specialized in their fields. This is the secret to the success of the tribe. There is no one “guru” but experts in their fields.


Matt Laker

Lead Instructor & Founder

Matt started as a freelancer. He did this to escape the corporate world to later find out that freelancing was yet another rat race. He decided to turn freelancing into a business by splitting it into 4 pillars and building systems around them. As his agency grew he helped his cousin and best friend turn their skills into a business. As more people asked for help, he founded Tribal Mastermind. At later stage, he decided to collaborate with other successful agency owners to avoid the “I-know-it-all” approach.

Jonas Eisert

Lead Instructor & Co-Founder

Starting his career as a video-grapher Jonas documented Matts’ work for over a year and later founded his company Loft Film, that rapidly grew to one of the Germany’ fastest growing digital agencies with the current revenue of over 4 million euros.

Inside of the Tribal Mastermind, Jonas helps agency owners with a revenue of over €10,000.

Florian Hofmann

Sales Coach

Florian Hofmann started his sales career at one of the most successful marketing agencies, where he learned what it really means to sell high ticket. Within just 18 months he went from a total sales newbie to closing over 300.000€ per month on the phone while leading a sales team of 7 people.

After that he founded his own coaching business helping agencies and Tribal Members to improve their sales processes and close more deals then they ever dreamed of.

John Harder

Funnel Coach

As the former sales manager of the Munich marketing agency, John Harder built up the sales processes and the sales team, which allowed the agency’s monthly turnover to rise from small 5-digit amounts to 6-digit amounts. After this success he decided to support other videographers & creative agencies in their growth.

Today he helps creatives & agencies to overcome growth limits by building their sales systems and sales teams so that they also achieve 5 to 6-digit monthly sales.

Ioanna Poghirca​

Accountability Manager & CEO

Being a manager can be a difficult job with a lot of responsibility but the key is to understand the value that you give to your team, in our case to our Tribal members.

For the last 6 months, I kept accountable all our members and I saw their progress from being an employee to an entrepreneur with a successful business that keeps growing.

The main things that I applied with our customers were to listen, understand their concerns, come with a solution, and keep checking their progress.

Gabriel Zwyssig

Talent Scout

As the talent scout, my main target is to look after talented influencers, employees, or small business owners that are willing to put 100% effort into growing their own business. In any process, the first thing that we need to do is to get guidance and this is where I act with my own experience, by helping people to know their potential and remind them what the CAN DO attitude is about.

Peter Ehrenbrandtner

Operations Manager

Managing Operations is tying up loose ends and structuring processes in such a way that the team is able to smoothly fulfill their duties.

Joining the team at Tribalmastermind, allows me to assume responsibilities around all aspects of our Operation: from the classic operations functions of Facility Management, over Finance and Human Resources to Lead Gen, Sales & Marketing as well as Content Creation- with the Triber at the heart of what I do.

& The Expert Network

We regularily host calls by our members who achieved great results inside of the mastermind and decided to share their success with the rest of the community as well as we invite guest speakers from outside of the mastermind who are experts in their unique skillsets.

For example, inside of the Tribal Mastermind, Google Ads are being thought by the former Google employee and LinkedIn is being taught by our member who succeded.

Where is Tribal Mastermind team located?

From the United States to Norway, from Germany to Australia, from Poland to Colombia – we have members, instructors and the management team working remotely from every corner of the world.

Our company is registered in the United Kingdom and our team members who want to escape the cold weather work at our 5-story office building in sunny Vietnam. Our office is pet-friendly and features a co-working coffee shop on the 1st floor that is accessible to anyone looking for inspiration.